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Best to not attach a MonsterEnd to Cyberus

Posted: Sat Nov 09, 2019 5:21 am
by evilgrins
Cyberus is a monster made specifically for Legacy, a single-player campaign made for Unreal1 & ut99. In that campaign you have to destroy 4 crystals in order to kill it, because otherwise it's completely invulnerable:

GoPostal made this edit of it, so it doesn't require any external packages. Projectiles are a little different, the sinister voice it had in Legacy didn't stick with the monster, and (most importantly) this version has no crystals. I've spent a week using dozens of different weaponpacks and mutators and I've found it's nearly impossible to kill.

Been trying to find a monster for years that can't be killed... and Cyberus is it.

Enjoy ยท ...


Some of my attempts to kill it -