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Re: UltimateNewNet

Postby medor » Tue Apr 24, 2018 10:57 am

If you look at screen there is...

a rextender with announces and sound announces into (low right)
info number players by teams ( low left) 9 players blue 9 players red
Ping ( high right )


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Re: UltimateNewNet

Postby isense » Wed Apr 25, 2018 5:38 pm

Didnt noticed those details sry my man!

I use RextendedCTFv2-4 for that purpose (showing flagholders names), but this looks better though. (also no sound voices)
Rextended also has the bug where you see the players name from the flag right under to the left under of your screen.

Does that mod also shows a counter underneath the flag, when the flag is dropped ? (returntimer)

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Re: UltimateNewNet

Postby medor » Thu Jun 28, 2018 3:25 pm


5/ Iptocountry not work with the LeagueAS140 scoreboard
you can test on the test server we can't see to the little green flags for warmup tournament on.

Deepu: No problem with NewNet, maybe as140 scoreboard is broken?

No i have give the bad way it come with LeagueAS140-Addon1g not working fine.
* New Scoreboard:
-> New Scoreboard Team design with shading Textures
-> Support for Countryflags (thats an external mod by [es]Rush)
-> Specators shown on the right side of the screen (EUT-Style)
-> Servername and actual DateTime shown on the bottom
-> Assault game state (Attacking/Defending, Part1/Part2) shown on the bottom
-> The useless "Assault the base" startmessage is replaced by "You are Attacking" or "You are Defending"
* Critical Message HudFix
http://medor.no-ip.org/index.php?dir=Ga ... ddon1g.zip

My be work only with CountryFlags2 we are under CountryFlags3

Here a source assault and LeagueAS140 http://medor.no-ip.org/index.php?dir=Ga ... 40_deO.zip

Hammer bad personal damages count
Must be ....
With full charge it must remaining 46/100 life OK done
With a little charge it must remaining 73/100 life this remove 36 instead of 27
For a right fire 94/100 this remove 10 instead of 6

Deepu: Now you can adjust damage rate of hammer (HammerDamagePri & HammerDamageSec)

With Instagib or ZIG i shoot when i click to respawn.
I see myself shooting 1 time when i click to spawn.

zoom insta ======> autofire at respond
insta arena ======> autofire at respond
insta rx arena ======> autofire at respond
insta slv arena ======> autofire at respond

AS-Rook teles leading to sniper and flak are bugged 95% of the time and as you go in(modifié)
you exit out of it


1/ Make back TeamShockEffects

2/ Remove green HUD for back to the original one.

3/ 2k4combos option for disabling/enabling
and add air under announce shot like in EUT ( when the two players are in air) http://medor.no-ip.org/index.php?dir=an ... Source.rar
this EUTSource is not the source but the last build

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Re: UltimateNewNet

Postby isense » Thu Jul 26, 2018 8:14 pm

Welcome back Deepu!

Any progress on these fixes?
Would love to use UN1 for instagib on our server.
Got 47 entries of MVE filled up.

Will wait peacefully, thought you left the project.
Hope you still working on it ;)

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Re: UltimateNewNet

Postby isense » Sat Sep 08, 2018 5:20 pm

Can't seem to get the SmartDM105 scoreboard to show with UN1.
The scoreboard is visible in configs with UN09b.
The F2 SmartDM info shows itself with UN1.
But not the F1 scoreboard. :/

I use UN09b only with Instagib.

Checked UltimateNewNet09b INI and UN1 ini.
Could not find any options for def.scoreboards.

Scoreboard is visible in CustomGame20 & 25 (UN09b)

Code: Select all

CustomGame[20]=(bEnabled=True,GameName="Team DeathMatch",RuleName="Instagib",GameClass="BotPack.TeamGamePlus",FilterCode="iTDM",bHasRandom=True,VotePriority=1.000000,MutatorList="UltimateNewNetv0_9_Beta.NewNetServer,UltimateNewNetv0_9_Beta.NewNetIG,UltimatePackages_v1_1.SmartDM,ClassicCrotchShotv1_1.CrotchShot,UTCmds.UTCmds",Settings="GameSpeed=1.00,MaxTeams=2,MaxTeamSize=6",Packages="UltimateNewNetv0_9_Beta,ClassicCrotchshotv1_1,UltimatePackages_v1_1")
CustomGame[21]=(bEnabled=True,GameName="Team DeathMatch",RuleName="Sniper",GameClass="BotPack.TeamGamePlus",FilterCode="sTDM",bHasRandom=True,VotePriority=1.000000,MutatorList="UN1.NewNetServer,UN1.NewNetSA,UltimatePackages_v1_1.SmartDM,UltimatePackages_v1_1.MutResurrection,SPRemover.Remover,UTCmds.UTCmds",Settings="GameSpeed=1.00",Packages="UN1,ClassicCrotchshotv1_1,UltimatePackages_v1_1")
CustomGame[22]=(bEnabled=True,GameName="Team DeathMatch",RuleName="Rocket",GameClass="BotPack.TeamGamePlus",FilterCode="rTDM",bHasRandom=True,VotePriority=1.000000,MutatorList="UN1.NewNetServer,BotPack.RocketArena,UltimatePackages_v1_1.SmartDM,UN1.DoubleJump,UltimatePackages_v1_1.MutResurrection,UTCmds.UTCmds",Settings="GameSpeed=1.00",Packages="UN1,ClassicCrotchshotv1_1,UltimatePackages_v1_1")
CustomGame[23]=(bEnabled=True,GameName="Team Deathmatch",RuleName="Weapons",GameClass="Botpack.TeamGamePlus",FilterCode="TDM",bHasRandom=True,VotePriority=1.000000,MutatorList="UN1.NewNetServer,UltimatePackages_v1_1.SmartDM,UltimatePackages_v1_1.MutResurrection,UTCmds.UTCmds",Settings="GameSpeed=1.00",Packages="UN1,ClassicCrotchshotv1_1,UltimatePackages_v1_1")
CustomGame[24]=(bEnabled=True,GameName="Team Deathmatch",RuleName="Combogib",GameClass="Botpack.TeamGamePlus",FilterCode="cTDM",bHasRandom=True,VotePriority=1.000000,MutatorList="UN1.NewNetServer,UN1_Beta.NewNetCG,UltimatePackages_v1_1.SmartDM,UltimatePackages_v1_1.MutResurrection,UTCmds.UTCmds",Settings="GameSpeed=1.00",Packages="UN1,ClassicCrotchshotv1_1,UltimatePackages_v1_1")
CustomGame[25]=(bEnabled=True,GameName="Team DeathMatch",RuleName="Instagib xTDM",GameClass="BotPack.TeamGamePlus",FilterCode="ixTDM",bHasRandom=True,VotePriority=1.000000,MutatorList="UltimateNewNetv0_9_Beta.NewNetServer,UltimateNewNetv0_9_Beta.NewNetIG,UltimatePackages_v1_1.SmartDM,ClassicCrotchShotv1_1.CrotchShot,UTCmds.UTCmds",Settings="GameSpeed=1.00,MaxTeams=4,MaxTeamSize=2,TimeLimit=0,GoalTeamScore=100",Packages="UltimateNewNetv0_9_Beta,ClassicCrotchshotv1_1,UltimatePackages_v1_1")

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Re: UltimateNewNet

Postby xyaro » Fri Sep 14, 2018 8:02 pm

There is a few problems that i am going to post here but that i already talked with Deepu on discord:

1) Impact Hammer primary fire self damage: Impact Hammer selfdamage should always deal 54h damage, it does not matter if the user is charging or not the hammer.
The Result should be 46/100 hp always.

2)Fast switching from a hitscan weapon(i dont know if it happens with projectile ones) to translocator will make it get stuck and the translocator in the HUD will be highlighted with yellow and you wont be able to use it or change to other weapon UNLESS you die or force it with a weapon bind.

3)Using the translocator too fast will make it not register properly sometimes, making it so you dont get translocated even tho the projectile animation shows the "disc" traveling.(i dont know if i was clear on this one).

those so far are the most annoying ones, everything else is working really good! Thanks :)

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